Moonlit Coven Dress - Black Glitter Velvet - Limited

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Introducing the enchanting "Moonlit Coven" Black Velvet Dress with Silver Glitter – a mesmerizing creation designed exclusively for little witches seeking an infusion of elegance and magic into their wardrobes.

Crafted with meticulous care, this dress is a harmonious blend of darkness and radiance. The sumptuous black velvet drapes gracefully, enveloping your young enchantress in a world of mystique and charm. The rich, velvety texture evokes the night's embrace, while the deep hue captures the essence of gothic allure.

But it's the silver glitter that transforms this dress into a true spectacle of moonlit magic. Like stardust glistening under the moon's caress, the silver glitter dances across the dress's surface, casting an entrancing spell that captures every eye. As your little one moves, the glitter sparkles and shimmers, echoing the secrets of the night sky.

Ideal for special occasions or moments when a touch of enchantment is needed, the Moonlit Coven Black Velvet Dress with Silver Glitter is a true masterpiece. With its blend of sophistication and mysticism, it beckons to little witches to embrace their inner magic and step confidently into the night.

Let your young witch immerse herself in the world of moonlit dreams with the Moonlit Coven dress – a tangible manifestation of mystery, beauty, and the power of enchantment.


- 100% Polyester Stretch Velvet
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
- Professionally made by our manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona USA


- Skater dress silhouette.
- Runs a 1/2 size big.

width: 20"
center back length: 17"

width: 23"
center back length: 19"

width: 24"
center back length: 22"

width: 25"
center back length: 25"

width: 27"
center back length: 30"