Shimmering Telaraña Dress - Limited

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Size 6M

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Introducing the enchanting "Shimmering Telaraña" Little Girls' Black Stretch Cotton Dress – a bewitching creation designed for young witches who revel in the magic of both darkness and shimmering threads.

Crafted with the utmost care, this dress seamlessly blends comfort and mystique. The stretch cotton fabric in deep, velvety black envelops your little enchantress in a world of tactile luxury, allowing her to move with ease and grace. The supple fabric ensures she feels as enchanting as she looks.

But it's the silver metallic spiderwebs that truly set this dress aglow with an otherworldly charm. These intricate spiderwebs glisten with the allure of moonlight on dew-kissed threads. As your young one twirls and explores, the spiderwebs shimmer and catch the eye, casting a spell of fascination.

Invite your young witch to shine like a star in the night with the Shimmering Telaraña dress – a tangible representation of her connection to the natural world, the strength within her, and the shimmering threads of magic that weave through her life.

- Cotton/Polyester Stretch
- Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.
- Professionally made by our manufacturer in Phoenix, Arizona USA


- Skater dress silhouette.
- Runs a 1/2 size big.

width: 20"
center back length: 17"

width: 23"
center back length: 19"

width: 24"
center back length: 22"

width: 25"
center back length: 25"

width: 27"
center back length: 30"